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Embracing the 'Connection Economy'

The "Connection Economy" was coined by tech entrepreneur Seth Godin (one of the true marketing gurus of our time) a few years ago. According to him, this economic model is centered around building relationships with customers and partners, rather than simply pumping out physical products from an assembly line. As a business owner, Seth’s reflections on our economy and society really struck a chord with me. The Connection Economy places human interaction at the heart of every business. This isn’t necessarily a new concept, but it has become more widespread. For decades the refrain at every Chamber meeting across the world is "people want to do business with those they know, like and trust.” It’s the simple truth.

Consumers expect more than ever from the businesses from which they purchase products or services. If they aren’t satisfied, they are only one click away from a competitor.  Average services or products just don’t cut it.  Individuals are pining for things that are relevant to them and people they can feel connected to. The companies really making a difference these days are building communities and connections with like-minded individuals. Success is now starting to be measured by the ability to connect.

We do a lot of networking at The Gosselin Group - it's an essential part of our company culture. We consider ourselves connectors. We’ve been living the “Connection Economy” since the day The Gosselin Group opened it’s doors a decade ago. We like to connect businesses with businesses, consumers with businesses and sometimes even consumers with consumers! We use another name for “Networking”, we prefer "Professional Relationship Building"! It’s all about getting out there (both on and offline), meeting people whom you can find a synergy, and building a relationship with them. You have to be willing to give, give give and not just take, as Gary Vaynerchuk alluded to in his best seller "Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook" ('jabs' being the value you bring to your clients or network).  To that end, we are members, supporters and active participants of several business networking organizations, including The Executive Association of NJ (EANJ), Believe Inspire Grow (BIG), The Millburn Chamber of Commerce. If you ever want to be our guests at one of our meetings, please let us know! (you can learn more about each of these wonderful organizations when you scroll down to the bottom of this blog)

With our new " GG Connection Blog", we have decided to showcase some of the amazing professionals we've met over the years through our networking.  We’ve interviewed them and given you a glimpse below to help you decide if YOU want to meet them! Check them out... 

Meet David Taylor

Meet David Taylor of David Taylor Design, LLC

Click here for the full video & interview script!

Meet Greg Tomkins

Meet Greg Tomkins of RAH-CFO!

Click here for the full video & interview script!

Meet Cal Thomas

Meet Cal Thomas of Sandler Training

Click here for the full video & interview script!

Meet Paul Townsend

Meet Paul Townsend of Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark LLC

Click here for the full video & interview script!

Meet Robert Breslau

Prestige Custom Wear

Click here for the full video & interview script!

Meet Dina Frauwirth

Adult Care Advisors

Click here for the video & interview script!

Learn more about these great NJ-based business networking organizations:

The Executives Association of New Jersey (EANJ)

Believe. Inspire. Grow (BIG)

The Millburn / Short Hills Chamber of Commerce

The Morris County Chamber of Commerce

The Maplewood Chamber of Commerce

Leading Women Entrepreneurs (LWE)
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