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Letter to the Future Owner - 15 Southern Slope

Caroline Gosselin

Caroline Gosselin is the CEO and Team Leader of the Gosselin Group at Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty.  Caroline’s passio...

Caroline Gosselin is the CEO and Team Leader of the Gosselin Group at Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty.  Caroline’s passio...

Mar 14 5 minutes read

Dear Future Owner,

We were drawn to the sidewalks, the neighborhood, and school which we believed would help us meet our neighbors... it was true!

We loved our years here. Many wonderful memories were built here with family reunions, neighborhood and extended friend potluck dinners, nights of original music events with our talented friends and fans, badminton, croquet, giant Jenga games on the lawn, and running around with the two dogs we shared our lives with.

CHILDREN’S LIFE: Our house was a favorite for play dates with our kid’s friends. Easy to get to right after school, just cross the street protected by the crossing guard. Our daughter once had 28 of her camp friends here for a sleep-over New Year’s weekend, and yes, they all slept in her room! The basement has been a fabulous place to celebrate birthdays and game nights. When they grew older, both the Middle and High School were a quick bike ride away. It was easy to walk to town with friends for deli sandwiches, ramen or sushi hang time with friends. Not to mention Taylor Park for tennis and running. During high school years, our kids enjoyed the freedom of taking a short train ride into New York City for music, movies and skateboarding in the parks.

ENTERTAINING LIFE: We’ve had some wonderful times hosting in our home. We once fit 18 people into our dining room for Thanksgiving dinner (the previous owner said they added more tables for 10 people in the Foyer)! We have shared our kitchen with foodie friends to make group dinners (thank you 2nd dishwasher) and spent many a summer candlelit evening dining al fresco, and then watching a movie projected on a screen on the outside of the house. Lightening bugs, songbird tunes, bull frog calls and a fox family living in the woods behind our house have been reminders of the natural life.

WINTER LIFE: Our home became the year-end holiday party ‘place’ when we gathered friends and family together, often with late night music jams to close the night out in the early hours. The fireplace was always the center of winter life, our signature upside-down fire allowed the fire to be unattended for the first few hours and by the end of the night the stone radiated warmth on its own. Often the younger folks would end the night asleep in front of the hearth.

SUMMER LIFE: The wrap-around terrace was used for larger gathering of friends and family as we set up the bar and buffet behind the house...tiki torches lit the back wooded hill and people sat on the stone walls and chairs provided. The smaller shady table is wonderful for a hot afternoon lunch, since a cool breeze always seems to blow across the back of the house.

GARDENING LIFE: There has been a plethora of gardening enjoyment here, from the sunny front of the house to the north shady wooded hillside in the back. The driveway sunny slope originally was used to grow vegetables and fruit with close proximity to the kitchen. The gardens around the dining terrace are the place to summer indoor plants and grow bold and beautiful annuals or perennials. The bird songs make a pleasant calm to the many hours spent here in the garden.

OUTDOOR LIFE: As avid cyclists, we’ve enjoyed exploring the secondary roadways west, north and south of here with our biking buddies. The Great Swamp beckons! A few miles beyond, we immersed ourselves in picturesque meandering rural roads in Morris, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties -- some of NJ’s best-kept secrets. One favorite Sunday morning “doughnut ride” is to Morristown, via Jockey Hollow. Rolling hills and very little traffic.

Hiking, picnicking and cross-country skiing have also been a pleasure, right in our backyard at South Mountain Reservation just beyond the train station. And also plenty of nearby public tennis courts, open all year round.

We hope the next owners and their family enjoy the house, neighborhood community, and surrounding area as much as we have over the past 24 years. It’s truly a special place to call home!

“The Hut” was built as a cabin for our young kids to have sleepovers in, later became a hangout for my daughter and her friends in the summertime...

All the seasons here are beautiful...

Summer bursts with foliage and flowers in the pond, garden beds and containers....

The front porch is a wonderful breakfast spot or pre-dinner cocktail location, the pond quiets the mood and is mesmerizing...

The summer dining terrace also our outdoor film seating area...

The back terrace is always cool from the sun and the cool breeze that flows along the back of the house

The lawn is great for stargazing, badminton, bocce or croquet. It is also used for our audience seating for musical ‘night of original music’ performances on the sunken terrace.

Autumn colors surround the is a view from the primary bedroom window

Some winters have been remarkably beautiful. So fun to view through the windows in the warmth of the living room...

ps. We hope you enjoy these seasonal views of the house and grounds...

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